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Speed, Speed, Speed - How to make your Joomla Site Faster

04 Nov 2016


Speed is a key component for a website, not only for a user experience but for helping with Google results.

Below are a number of tips that will help you screw every single drop of performance from your site!

Joomla Cache

Caching is vital to improve the performance of your website.  Caching can be complex, but in short its a way to ensure less load on a sites database and bandwidth, consequently increase the speed.  It can be enabled via your Joomla Global Configuration or even by installing a specific plugin...depending on your requirements. There is some more detailed information about caching on the official site. Alternatively, contact our support team on 1300 761 930 or via our online Joomla support contact form.


Your Joomla Hosting Provider

A good, reliable host is always a big part of any Hosting Setup.  But a fast site is not all about server speed alone. For example, a super fast hosting server that isnt well optimised for Joomla or Joomla security, will equal a net result of a slow site.  Ditto if its a fast server, but backed by a support team that doesn't under stand Joomla or how to manage a Joomla site. All of's Joomla Hosting Packages have ticks in all the boxes to ensure your site is fast, stable and secure.


Keep Your Extensions to a Minimum

Ensure you keep extensions to a minimum and remove anything that isn't being used. Each left over extension can slow the site down, it may only be a half second...but if you have 8, each adding a half second, it can result in a 4-5 seconds of added load time. Doesn't sound like a lot, but trust is.

Unwanted extensions can also add more points of access for potential hackers and make any site upgrades that little bit harder.

Dont be an extension horder, tidy up!'s team of Joomla Design experts can help you assess plugins on your site...just give us a call - 1300 761 930 or email us via our online Joomla support contact form.


Check your Image Sizes

Images are what make a great site and with the explosion of full page image sliders, or backgrounds, has come the risk of having 2, 3 or even a dozen images that are not compressed down to a reasonable level.  For examples sake, if you have 6 images, which are not optimised at all and weigh in at 3mb per image. Right away, your site loading size is a whopping 18mb!  (Yes, this would be technically the same as downloading an 18mb file each time you visit the site).

You could safely downsize these images to say 0.2mb, without much quality loss.  Immediately reducing the total load time to 1.2mb and greatly increasing the load speed of your site.


Joomla Compression

Compression can also be enabled in the Joomla Global Configuration, and can make a great difference to your site load speeds.  Enabling compression basically means the site is in effect zipped up, before being delivered to the visitors device.

So a site that may be 2mb in size normally, will be reduced to something smaller when being delivered to the client, for example sakes, call it 1.5mb. The actual compression amounts will vary a lot. 

Generally its only the text and scripts that are compressed, as your images should already be in an compressed image format, such as JPG.


Add .htaccess Optimization Rules

Htaccess files are a powerful tool, but are also complex.  Its basically a set of instruction on how the server will manage your site.  It can be used to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things, including reducing load times. If you are not well versed in using htaccess files and the correct formatting, please contact, as the wrong settings can break your site!

A few handy rules are listed below:

ETag - Lets the visitors browser know that an images has already been viewed, downloaded and stored on the local machines temporary there is no need to re-download, saving time.
Expires headers - Basically implies the above, but with ability to set a time period, the expire time, as to when the browser should look to download the file again.
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE - Reduces your HTML code size, by stripping unneeded characters, such as spaces or empty lines.

The above items can all help your site loading speeds greatly, and the support team are here to help.  Give us a call on 1300 761 930 or email us via our online Joomla support contact form if you need some help speeding up your site.

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